Eduardo y Yezenia EY Incorporado gets involved in show production activities, in and out of Puerto Rico, fomenting the protection and preservation of the island’s immaterial cultural wealth in order to contribute to society’s wellbeing.

Amongst the many forms of immaterial heritage, we find; language, literature, music, dance, sports and traditional games, culinary traditions, rituals and mythology, knowledge of the occult, historical and archaeological parks as well as technical knowledge of artisan craftmanship. Via its activities and show production events EY’s purpose is to document, protect, promote, and revitalize all of the above along with the protection of our patron saint festivals and a myriad of other forms of creative cultural expression.

Our target is also to cultivate respect for our immaterial heritage. Similarly, it is our hope to contribute to the development of the cultural sensibility of all individuals, young and old, according to the origin of their communities in such a way that they all recognize the immense value of their culture at local, national, and international levels. If achieved, we are certain our citizens will be better prepared to recognize the culture of other countries and the importance of assistance and cooperation among nations.



Children, adolescents, adults, senior citizens, social groups, associations, clubs, and other institutions inside and outside the island of Puerto Rico wishing to learn and acquire skills of cultural-artistic expression.


Eduardo y Yezenia – EY Incorporado was founded in 2015 to produce and promote artistic shows, concerts, and other events by Eduardo Villanueva and Yezenia Cruz.

Likewise, EY Incorporado makes feasible, develop, and produce shows promoting and protecting cultural heritage.

Its intent is to produce marketing events promoting the transmission-to future generations-of the exclusive inherited knowledge, universal natural practices, living traditions, oral expressions, rituals, and techniques associated to arts, sports, literature, plastic arts, and the like for the benefit of all socioeconomic sectors of society.




  1. Music show production for both private and public events. Multiple singers.
  2. Showcase of music arts
  3. Development and production of educational cultural workshops and laboratories in English and Spanish to the general public and students both within the island and abroad.
  4. Show production of larger events such as concerts and socio educative, artistic, and cultural activities.
  5. Other similar activities



  1. Educational music and literary appreciation workshops in order to develop an understanding of the metrics, composition, interpretation, and limerick (create as you go) improvisation techniques of ten-verse poetry known as “décimas”and “decimillas”at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  2. Production of open-air specials and cultural and theme specific events.
  3. Production of podcasts, audiovisual, radio, and television programs.


  1. “CON RONCITO DEL PAÍS” – An event showcasing multiple traditions such as culinary arts, flavor spirit competition, popular and folk music.
  3. WORKSHOP – Composition of Puerto Rican “décimas”and “decimillas.”

Yezenia Cruz

Yezenia Cruz


Yezenia Cruz is a 2006 graduate of the University of Phoenix where she was awarded a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business administration.  Additionally, she has received a certificate in human biology from the Universidad Central de Bayamón and possesses associates degrees in Philosophy from the Bayamón campus of the American University, and in Kinesiology and Reiki from XXXXXXX as well as an associate degree in environmental arts and sciences from XXXXXXXXX.

Yezenia Cruz is a well-versed singer, musician, and entrepreneur with well over eighteen years of experience organizing, developing, and executing marketing and sales strategies of specialized events as well as the marketing of food and beverage industry, tourism, and integrated health of local and international trade shows.




Born on November 20th, 1972 at the neighborhood known as “Cerro San Antonio” in the town of “Naranjito” where she lived as little girl.

At just three years of age her family moved to Connecticut where she grew up in a modest home surrounded daily by Puerto Rican customs, music, and traditions until the age of twelve when, in 1984, the family returned to Puerto Rico.

As a young child of parents with limited English language skills, Yezenia was the de facto interpreter for all of her mother’s errands outside their humble house. Her mother was a source of inspiration and always promoted Yezenia’s singing’s first steps making many sacrifices in order to inscribe her young daughter in locally held singing contests.

Yezenia Cruz has been identified as the only folklore music singer of Puerto Rico, male or female, to compete and win in over thirty folk singer contests between 1984 and 1989.

When she was only six-teen she was a guess artist of and recorded with the project titled “Trompetas con Trovadores” under the tutelage of master trumpet player Elías Lopés. With that band Yezenia participated in well over two hundred gigs around the island and several theater appearances within New York city, Then, at seventeen she was invited to Chicago and New York to hold folk music workshops in public schools. In both cities her workshops were geared towards the Puerto Rican and Latino communities.

Above and beyond her participation with “Trompetas con Trovadores”, Cruz has contributed to many innovative folk music Puerto Rican projects including collaborative efforts with the late Tony Croatto. Additionally, she contracted with the great Cuatro player Edwin Colón to direct an orchestra to accompany her and provided all musicians needed and able to adjust to her unique singing style.

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Eduardo Villanueva

Eduardo Villanueva


Eduardo Villanueva is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico where he completed a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Additionally, he was awarded a guitar certificate from XXXXXXXX and is a well-known, respected, and recognized troubadour, composer, and improviser of “décimas” with over fifteen years of experience coordinating and producing independent cultural events.


Born December the 8th, 1979 in the metropolitan town of Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

A “pie forzado” is a verse given on site to a troubadour as he is getting ready to improvise a ten-verse octosyllabic poem known as “décima”. Normally, the “pie forzado” is the 10TH verse, is given by the present public or withdrawn from a bag or hat, and the poem must follow the following scheme: ABBAACCDDC. However, when the best troubadours are on scene, the public may decide to give him/her more than one “pie forzado”. Eduardo Villanueva is one of a select group of worldwide recognized troubadours able to improvise “décimas” with such skill he can do so consonantly using one, two, three or even four “pie forzados” within the same ten verse scheme. Additionally, Villanueva is one of an even smaller group able to improvise the same ten-verse “décima” forward and backwards.

As a young child, Eduardo won first prize in singing, composition, improvisation, and poetry on Puerto Rico’s Department of Education competitions.

At just fifteen years of age, he started winning on adult contests and at seventeen he won the “Certamen de Trovadores” held annually by the Puerto Rican Culture Institute becoming the youngest National Troubadour in the history of said competition. Villanueva repeated the feat three more times and is the only four-time winner of the event. At thirty-two, he retired from competition and it is widely recognized as the troubadour with more first prizes won in Puerto Rican history.

A short list of the many events Eduardo has been invited follows: “El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico” 40th Anniversary Concert, 2008 Reception of and Tribute to Ricky Martin, CD and DVD audiovisual combination of Olga Tañón’s Evolution Tour, several projects with Draco Rosa, CD and DVD combination of “Queridos Reyes Magos”produced by the “Banco Popular” Foundation.

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